New Model of FAST CLEAN, Detergent for Plastics, Debuts
New grade #15N is now available for sale!
Environmentally friendly material, excellent cleaning performance, and quick color change with a small amount of use
The new model is a purging agent that is best applied to general-purpose resins and particularly features high cleaning performance and low cost.
Powerful Cleaning with a Small Amount of Use
Quick Color Changes with Reduced Cleaning Time
Low-cost and high-performance is the very advantage of the new model #15N. It helps you save much time and cost.
Lower in price and higher in performance than our existing purging agents
Grade #15N
<!--1,洗浄1回当たりの値段-->1) Price per cleaning <!--2,洗浄1回当たりの使用量-->2) Amount of use per cleaning
<!--驚異の1/2コストパフォーマンス!!-->Doubled Improvement - Amazing Cost Performance
Grade Feature Best temperature of use
#100 Low-temperature type for inflation molding and PVC 170℃ ? 210℃
#250 Standard type for general-purpose resins 190℃ ? 260℃
#400 High-viscosity and high-temperature type 200℃ ? 280℃
#1250 #250 low-residual performance and low-smell type 170℃ ? 300℃
#1400X #400 low-residual performance, low-smell and super high-temperature type 170℃ ? 330℃
#15N Low-cost type for various types of resins 170℃ ? 250℃
*The data of this table may not exactly match the actual condition depending on the type of molder or temperature conditions. Please contact our sales staff in case any problem occurs.
<!--販売担当からのコメント-->Comment from our Sales Staff
We are always trying to develop grades that meet customers’ demands from the standpoint of customers. In addition, we fully put in place:
System to propose optimal uses
System to ensure quick delivery of products
Contact us for any consultation or inquiry.
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