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Customers who are at a loss about color selection. Customers who want to feel the actual texture. Customers who want to see other variations. Like colors, there are a variety of requests and opinions on the part of customers.

OK-KASEI has set up the Design Room so as to listen attentively to those requests and help them find their desired colors as much as possible.
Our specialty staff are always with customers looking for color plates that match the desired image of the customers out of our color library containing tens of thousands of color patterns to help them materialize their color image. The colors in the library are categorized by resin, color and variation so as to facilitate color search from various viewpoints.
We create a custom-made color that exactly matches the customer’s request by making fine-tuned adjustments and adding desired functions based on the color plates narrowed down through the joint search and determination processes. Then, we go to our factory to prepare and offer the color sample with the attendance of the customer.
Plastic colorants continue their evolution as they try to meet the varying and changing needs of the times. They provide a wide variety of coloring to create the texture of inartificial feeling. Their functionality is always required to improve day in day out.

Our color quality has been improved to meet the international standards ISO9001 and 14001, and we are further aiming to satisfy the stringent requirements of global environmental preservation. Our current targets are to set up a network and broadband system through introduction of ICC (Information Color Communication) and develop a capability to cope with varying and refining customer demands accurately and swiftly. An internationally operating corporation, OK-KASEI is always taking on the great challenge of becoming a future-oriented company that can explore better applications of plastics.
Torikai-honmachi 3-4-35, Settsu city, Osaka prefecture 566-0052
Tel: 072-654-8484 (Main) (+81-72-654-8484)
Fax: 072-654-8489 (+81-72-654-8489)
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Yasunaga 975, Kuwana city, Mie prefecture 511-0839
Tel: 0594-24-1781 (Main) (+81-594-24-1781)
Fax: 0594-24-1782 (+81-594-24-1782)
9F, Crystal Bldg., Kanda-sudacho 2-17-18, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041
Tel: 03-5297-7035 (Main) +81-3-5297-7035
Fax:03-5297-7036 +81-3-5297-7036
6F, Nihonseimei Hakataekimae Daini Bldg., Hakataekimae 4-1-4,
Hakata-ku, Hakata City, Fukuoka 812-0011 
Tel: 092-432-5454 (Main) +81-92-432-5454
Fax: 092-432-5455 +81-3-92-432-5455
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