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In this test, Fast Clean (standard series #250) is compared with one of our existing purging agents (natural resin (PP)) to see how different their cleaning performances are.

1 . Charge Fast Clean into the injection after being molded with dark blue.
2 . Pump up the injection to mold the charged Fast Clean and observe the color of the surface of the molded plate.
3 . Charge a natural resin (PP) agent under the same condition and mold the plate to compare the cleaning capability with that of Fast Clean.

・Injection: 1 oz vertical injection molder
・Molding temperature: 220˚C
・Fast Clean: Standard type #1250


Plastic Purging Compound OK FAST CLEAN® has been popularly used by many plastic molding professionals since 1995 when it was patented. Its cleaning effect is outstanding as it was developed by Plastic Color Professional, OK KASEI CO., LTD.

Not only shortens the change-over time of polymer material or color, it eliminates the degraded or burnt residue inside the cylinder and reduces the rejection rate dramatically.

OK FAST CLEAN® is a non-filler type of purging compound. It is equipment friendly and will minimize the wear of the screw and cylinder. (Except F#0008)


Variety of grades suitable for various purging conditions. Usable for Injection Molding, T-Die Extrusion, Blow Molding, Inflation Molding, part of hot-runner systems.

Even small amounts of OK FAST CLEAN® will achieve great purging performance which will minimize your operating cost.

Very low amounts of purging compound remaining in the equipment after purging.




Comparison test of cleaning effect using OK FAST CLEAN #15N250E and Natural PP Resin.

Discharge dark black material after molding a dark black part, then put in OK FAST CLEAN®.
Pump the screw and measure the amount of purging compound to be used for cleaning. (Comparison of the number of shots)
Apply back pressure to the injection molding machine and measure the time required to discharge the colored material completely.
In the same way, put in Natural PP Resin and compare the cleaning effect with OK FAST CLEAN®.

Injection Molding Machine : 55 tons
Molding Temperature : 220deg.C

1 minute

As OK FAST CLEAN® starts discharging,
the surface of the material will become textured.

3 minute

The color starts changing
and the old color starts disappearing.

5 minute

The old color has mostly disappeared.
The color change is almost done.

6 minute

The color of OK FAST CLEAN
can only be observed.
The old color still appearing.

30 minute

The color change is almost done
but some old color still appears.







100ton 500ton 1300ton
1-2kg 2-5kg 5-10kg
2-3kg 3-4kg 4-5kg


OK FAST CLEAN will show great performance when purging colored plastic molding material. It will eliminate the material sticking to the inside of the cylinder and screw of an extrusion or an injection molding machine.

OK FAST CLEAN® is made of high molecular weight plastic material and has two strong purging powers. One is “Purging effect” with high tenacity which pushes out the old colored material sticking to the inside cylinder and screw. The other is “Wiping effect” which will eliminate the remaining residue within the narrow space of cylinder and screw.

Using these two powerful effects, OK FAST CLEAN® makes it possible to increase the purging effect, shorten the change-over time, not to stay in the machine (low remaining rate) and will make a much smoother transition to the next molding process. Also pulling out or inserting the screw will become much easier.


(1) Minimum Order Lot : 1 bag (25kgs).  (2) Additional Freight may apply depending on the destination.


・Do not power off the heater during the purging process (except Sealing Type). ・Use each grade within the suitable temperature range (it may cause smoke and possible damage to the equipment). ・Keep OK FAST CLEAN® away from fire sources. ・We assume no responsibility against any damage caused by improper handling.

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