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Improved Functionality
Antibacterial or antifungal agents are intended to prevent growth of bacteria or fungi that cause decomposition of foods. We design and develop those agents that can show sufficient effectiveness as those for plastic and meet the needs of varying uses and resins.
Antistatic agents for plastics prevent various problems including adhesion of dust and soot by antistatic, thereby helping produce quality products. Various versions are available for use with olefin (PP and PE) and styrene (PS, AS and ABS).
We provide deodorants for plastics that reduce odorous materials such as ammonia, trimethylamine or acetic acid by using chemical or physical adsorption.
Our composite compounds feature improved quality and functionality that can meet various use purposes of plastic materials by mixing additives. They will help you develop products different and better in properties or higher in quality than those of your competitors.
To compete master batches of competitors, we developed a special technique to mix colorants and additives at high concentration to create new master batches that feature high cost-competitiveness.
Resins equipped with water and oil repellent properties can reduce adhesion of dirty water drops, oily dirt, or dust on molded items and ensure ease of maintenance.
When the product is exposed to light, active oxygen is created to decompose foul smell or dirt on the product and provide it with the capability of sterilization. Since this feature also provides antistatic property, the product equipped with photocatalytic action can reduce adhesion of dust, enhance hydrophilic property and therefore prevent dulling of the surface. The photocatalytic property lasts for ever as far as the surface is exposed to light.
One of the advantages of plastics, or “undecomposability” is now identified as a defect of plastics from the viewpoint of environmental preservation and refuse reduction. But our biodegradable plastics made from starch as the main ingredient are kind to the environment as they are decomposed by microbes living in nature and sunlight and ultimately turned into carbon gas and water.
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